Medicinal Herbal

Welcome to the Herb Wizard Medicinal Herbal. The herbs referred to on this site are, for the most part, herbs that can be readily purchased in the United States in their whole form, cut and sifted or powder. You will learn to make and use herbal medicines from the whole herb. You will also learn the standard dosages as well as when and how to use them.

People in England have lost access to hundreds of over the counter herbal medicines as European regulations have come into force. Now in England traditional herbal products must be licensed or prescribed by a registered practitioner. Except for a small number of “mild” herbal remedies, all herbal medicines have been banned by the European Union. And the United States has signed on to this agreement, so, unless something is done, it is likely to happen here soon.

For those who wish to continue to have access to herbal remedies, in addition to political action, I would suggest learning to grow and harvest your own herbs, and to make and use herbal medicines. For this reason I am building this free herbal web site.

This site is still under construction

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